Day #4: Thursday 1st September

Session #1 – Technique Expander

The class ran through their warm up exercises (physical and technical) and continued to memorise the five positions of the minor scale (Aeolian mode) using the five minor pentatonic scale box shapes as a framework on which to build.

Session #2 – Style Focus

After tea/coffee break the class learnt an Albert King style blues progression with an additional fourth chord(!), instead of the standard three chords (I, IV, V) for a standard twelve bar blues.

Standard Twelve Bar Blues Progression:

{| : A | A | A | A | D | D | A | A | E | D | A | E : |}

Extended Twelve Bar Blues Progression:

{| : A | D9 | A | A | D9 | D9 | A | A | F9 | E7#9 | A | E7#9 : |}

Notice: A standard twelve bar blues progression is built from the famous three chord trick (I, IV, V – A, D and E) where as the extended version of a twelve bar introduces a bVI chord (F9) into the progression. This increases the overall harmony of the progression and allows the soloist to draw upon a wider selection of notes/scales.

Session #3 – Performance Skills

After lunch, and the morning thunderstorm, the class split up into small ensembles to jam and practice their four blues styles:

  1. BB King Blues (Key: A)
  2. Gilmour Slow Blues (Key: Dm)
  3. SRV Texas Blues (Key: E)
  4. Albert King Blues (Key: A)


High: 28° hot and humid with thunderstorm this morning!


About Richard Perkins

Richard Perkins is the founder of Bath Guitar School and has worked for the International Guitar Foundation, Brit Awards, Rockschool, B&NES Council, Mid Somerset Festival, Bath Music Plus, and appeared on BBC and ITV television and radio programming as well as being featured in Guitar Techniques, Total Guitar, Venue, Bath Life magazines and the Bath Chronicle newspaper. Richard is a graduate of the Commercial Music degree programme at Bath Spa University and has a HND in Popular Music from Oxford College.
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